Photo of  Teresa  Brown
Teresa Brown
Owner, Partner, Operator, and General Manager

Teresa is John’s wife, as well as Office Manager at his law office. She also handles many management functions at FLMD’s development, Vista Venado.

Photo of  John  Brown
John Brown

I graduated from Bell County High School in 1975, and attended Cumberland College (now University of the Cumberlands) for 2 years. I transferred to EKU where I took almost every class they had in police administration/corrections/juvenile justice. I graduated early from EKU in 1978, with 3 Associate Degrees, and 2 Bachelor’s Degrees. I attended Class 100 of the Bureau of Training by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. I served as a police officer at Daytona Beach, and later became the Deputy Chief Investigator of the Criminal Investigation Division in Daytona Shores P.D. I was certified as a sniper and in assault/entry on the S.W.A.T team. I later went to law school at Salmon P. Chase, just outside of Cincinnati. I came back to Middlesboro to practice law. I married Teresa Brogan in 1989, and we have been happily married for 21 years. Teresa runs my office and most of our other ventures, including our land development, Vista Venado. We own numerous rental properties, several of which are downtown Middlesboro. We have been active in “rescuing” and restoring old buildings in the Downtown area since the tornado of 1988. I am the Chairman of the Economic Development Committee for Discover Downtown Middlesboro, a 501(c)(3) corporation that promotes economic expansion for Downtown Middlesboro. I love and support the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, and am proud to currently serve as Chairman of the Board of the Friends Group. I grew up flying with my Dad, and was honored to serve several terms on the Middlesboro Bell County Airport Board, and as their past Chairman. I am currently the Airport Board Attorney. We are blessed to be members of the First Baptist Church of Middlesboro.




1975: Graduated Bell County High School


1978: Graduated EKU: A.A. Police Administration


A.A. Corrections


A.A. Juvenile Justice


B.S. Police Administration


B.S. Corrections


1978-1984: Ky Bureau of Training – Police Academy


Florida Police Academy


Daytona Beach Police Department


Daytona Beach Shores Police Department


Deputy Chief Investigator, Daytona Beach Shores


SWAT Team, sniper/assault


1984-1987: Salmon P. Chase College of Law: Juris Doctorate


1987: Bourbon County Public Defender’s Officer (Intern)


1988-1993: Director, Bell County Public Defender’s Office


1988-present: Attorney: Brown Law Office


Adjunct Professor: LMU – Sport Law, Business Law


SECC: Business Law


1988-present: Brown Rental: We own/manage @35 pieces of rental property in the Middlesboro area


1989-present: Married Teresa (Brogan) Brown


1991-present: Brown Aviation: This Company supports and maintains the aircraft owned by John and Teresa for business and personal use


1996-present: Purchased approx. 400 acres and started a land development: Forest Land Management & Development, Inc. and Vista Venado


1998-present: Middlesboro Bell County Airport Board Attorney


2009-present: Chairman, Board of Directors, Friends of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park


* Current Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, DDM



Photo of  Glynna  Brown
Glynna Brown

Glynna, John’s sister, is an active pilot, as well as Chairperson of the Middlesboro – Bell County Airport Board.

Photo of  Jordan  Patel
Jordan Patel